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Search Impact

Advanced AmericasGate Website Marketing Services

The purpose of your website is to get you results. The way to get the most results from your website is not a mystery; you need to create unique and quality content that is relevant to your area and business, add lead generating forms to each page of content, and make sure the content is optimized so you can be found in search engines. There are several tactics involved in accomplishing these main goals. Of course, the difficulty has always been the need for you as a professional to be effective in your field, and effective in implementing these tactics on your website for the best results. Like many PROFESSIONALS®, you may not have the time or expertise to accomplish this on your own.

Search Impact by AmericasGate Internet Services Corp. is the solution. We implement the changes needed on your website, saving you the time and resources so you can dedicate your time to your expertise. In addition to the work we perform on your website, we include educational tools and information you can use when you want to engage your website to take it to the next level of success.

The search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Live (MSN) all use the text that appears on your website to understand what keywords and topics your website is relevant to so they can send their users to the best online resource. The more unique relevant content that you can implement on your website, the larger amount of traffic you can receive from the search engines. The AmericasGate Search Impact program includes content writing services, from our trained writers who specialize in generating interesting content, specific to your area. The program includes the creation and implementation of content into our client’s websites, saving you the time and research.

Part of the goal of having an online presence, is to attract visitors to your website who will in turn become your clients. We optimize your website so that it has the best chance of converting more online traffic into actual business. This means making your site user-friendly and search engine friendly.

There are certain changes that you can make to your website that show the search engines that your website is actually relevant to your profession and your area. We make sure that even the details are taken care of: making your meta title and description for each page accurate and effective; adding headers, alt text to your images; and proper anchor text for your hyperlinks. We implement these modifications to your site so you can have a larger amount of traffic arrive onto your real estate website, giving you more possibilities to convert those visitors to clients.

Our marketing team will be verifying your website with Google, confirming your business via Google, Yahoo and Live’s Local search platforms and finding online listing opportunities that give your business more exposure while giving you relevant inbound links that will strengthen your website’s ability to rank for particular keywords. We also will be happy to provide you with explicit reports of these online listing locations, as well as train you on how to take advantage yourself of the hundreds of free advertising opportunities for your business and your website that you aren’t taking advantage of right now.

The Search Impact program is designed to be successful independent of your efforts as a website owner. However, we have always found that by equipping you with the right information, you can have an even bigger impact on the online market. That’s why we’re providing ongoing Webinars exclusive to Search Impact clients, live chat support, a Search Impact consultant, a Search Impact Twitter stream, and informational emails and articles on how to increase your online presence and best utilize your time working on your website.

To begin the path to great results from your website, contact our Sales Department at 239.417.3123.




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