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Smart Multi Poll 1.0 - ASP and Flash Poll

Get invaluable visitor feedback in seconds


Price: $149
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Why do you need a Web site Multi Poll application?

Get simple and fast feedback (like popular likes or dislikes) from your visitors by displaying more than one poll, in fact unlimited number of polls, on your website. This product is recommended for portal/vortal, educational and ecommerce sites, so that invaluable feedback can be got from visitors that view your individual pages by voting in polls related to the content. No reloading of the page, creating unlimited polls and attractive 3D statistics makes this poll tool a sure winner for your site!

Check out the fastest and smartest web based multiple poll application on the net NOW! This amazing web product is created integrating Active Server Pages (ASP) and Flash. It's super-fast, small-sized Flash file with 3D Bar Graph and Pie Chart Statistics makes your web site interactive and sticky. MS SQL Server and MS Access versions available. This Poll will make you site stand out and make your visitors sit up & take notice.

Cool Features - Get the Smart Multi Poll Edge

  • 3D Bar Graph/Pie Chart Statistics - Smart 3D statistics display the poll results either with a Pie-Chart or a Bar-Graph. You can customize the Poll to start with displaying the statistics view or the poll question view. Once a visitor submits a vote he/she cannot answer the same poll question for 30 days (if cookies are enabled for their browser) to prevent duplicate voting. However, if you change the poll displayed or question for a particular poll then the voter is immediately able to vote again without being barred.

  • Create UNLIMITED number of polls on your site - The Smart Multi Poll allows you to create unlimited number of polls to be displayed on your site. For example, you can display new polls for each section or page, related to its content, for focused user feedback. It can also be used by sites which provide free web space, thus letting each user set their own poll.

  • Super-fast load time - The Smart Multi Poll loads extremely fast because of its small file size (13K). This product has been highly optimized for the web and on a 56K modem, it loads even before our entire web page is loaded (using MSSQL Server Database). If you don't have a SQL Server Database (recommended) we have a MS Access Database version too which is as fast once the poll data is loaded. The MS Access Database version also works for Free sites which allow you to upload an Access database (like brinkster.com).

  • Flash Interface Advantage - Not only does the Smart Multi Poll utilize a smart, eye-catching, interactive Flash interface but also uses the Flash technology edge of not needing the page to be refreshed for the vote to be submitted. Thus viewing results, voting and seeing the new results is possible in just a few seconds. Try the Smart Multi Poll on your Left!

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